Monday, June 6, 2011

Magical Morning at Asoleado

I finally finished the piece I started just before our wedding and our subsequent trip to the Southwest....(more about that later).

The inspiration for this painting was a magical morning we had here at Asoleado last February. I woke up just as the first delicate streaks of dawn were painting the horizon. All around was an inch and a half of snow! I woke up Michael, and he and I wandered from window to window watching the light shift and change into day on the sparkling snowy fields and trees. Michael's camera was whizzing and clicking. He got some wonderful shots, some of which are absolutely destined to be reference for paintings. This may not sound exciting to those of you who live in more temperate climates, but for this Swedish-born Eastcoaster turned California person it was a real treat.

Another plus- I'm thinking the subject will make me feel cool during the hot summertime here in the mountains of the Los Padres (that and our neighbor's pool).

The title is "Snowy Morning at Asoleado"  16 x 20.

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